Friday, 31 July 2009

In the beginning...

So, this is the opening pitch.

I'm an aspiring writer with a foot in three camps - articles, comedy and fiction. And no, I'm not from the Isle of Man. My plan is to share the thrills and spills as I do my damnest to get published, promoted and paid. I'll be honest about how I write, what motivates me and the progress I make, or not. Along the way I'll also share a few ideas and hopefully spark some debate.

Things you should know:
1. I've never taken a year off after a degree, in order to recharge my batteries and write a literary masterpiece at my parents' villa in Tuscany. If they have one, they've kept it pretty quiet.
2. I am unlikely to regale you with tales of meeting literary agents through well-connected family members or at dinner parties.
3. Despite unimaginable odds, I remain optimistic about the prospects of getting published.
4. In short, I'm your average writer.

If the any of the above apply to you as well (and even if they don't), welcome aboard.

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